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March 20, 2018

Have you ever considered that without Jesus, we do not have much of an understanding of God’s love for the world?  What we do have without Christ is a great notion that God wants nothing to do with sinners!           And, guess what…this is exactly the position the masses were in when Jesus began his mission.  Back in […]

March 16, 2018

What if…what if today we decided to total up our bill?  How much would it cost today to settle our account with God?           This notion ran across my mind as I remembered a billboard that I saw on I-85 near Spartanburg, SC sometime ago that depicted some guy who was […]

March 15, 2018

 There is an old saying that familiarity breeds contempt, but I wonder if it wouldn’t be more accurate to say that familiarity breeds indifference.           I also think that indifference leads to apathy.  We can just live with a thing for so long that we take it for granted; and, this brings me to our relationship with […]

March 14, 2018

It is snowing in my yard!!!!  Right now!  It’s March 14th!  We live in the South to avoid snow; and, mostly, I do not like snow!           I do like snow if I am intending on playing in snow.  For example, skiing or riding a snowmobile.           But for the most part, I could take a pass on snow!  Interestingly, somebody […]

March 13, 2018

And, we’re so deep into the season of Lent that I can almost see the Easter Bunny at a distance!           So, I think today may be a good day to ask that question: What’s it gonna take?           Yes indeed, we do need a frame of reference to understand this question, so here we go.  Have you ever noticed how […]

March 9, 2018

There is an old country expression regarding someone’s stubbornness such that they will not believe fire will burn.  In other words, the extent of one’s hardheadedness is they will not believe even the danger of fire can harm them.           Other colloquialisms along this same line include the one about not poking a sleeping bear, the one about […]

March 8, 2018

Have you ever considered how much easier life would be if we practiced the words of the old hymn, trust and obey, for there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey (Trust and Obey, John H. Sammis, 1887.)?           It was Jonah who gave me an epiphany this morning.  Sometimes the Lord opens the […]

March 7, 2018

I ran across a humorous trivia question earlier today that I can’t wait to pose.           When does the insurance industry get religion?  It’s when they can avoid paying a claim due to an event being ruled an act of God.           So, this begs another question: what is an act of God?  Well, the insurance industry has done a pretty […]

March 6, 2018

Today is another day that the Lord has made!  We have been given 86,400 seconds in the next twenty-four hours.  How shall we spend them?           Recently, I read a funny story about a man who brought his lunch to work every day; and, each day his lunch consisted of a chicken salad sandwich.           Day in and […]

February 23, 2018

Today is Friday!  I usually declare Fridays as being fabulous.  This Friday is different.           Today, a pall has settled in upon our church family.  A shroud is covering us.           For a week and a half, we have been in vigilant prayer for a daughter of our church body by the name of Anjalie Sherry.  She […]

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