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September 21, 2017

This morning I woke up with Lynda Randall singing in my ear: Life is easy when you’re up on the mountain.           And you’ve got peace of mind like you’ve never known. But things change when you’re down in the valley.           Don’t lose faith, for you’re never alone.    For the God on the mountain […]

September 19, 2017

This morning for some odd reason I woke up with a modern hymn playing in my head.  I considered that it must mean something: You put Your love on the line To bear the weight of sin that was mine Washing my river of wrongs Into the sea of Your infinite love With arms held high […]

September 14, 2017

Have ever considered that the church needs the poor as much as the poor needs the church?           Well, I had not considered it either…until I read a book written by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove entitled God’s Economy.  His statement puzzled me at first because the church seems to have the attitude that it’s all a one-way […]

September 13, 2017

Have you ever considered that it’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for?           Those are not my words. They came from the apostle Paul (Ephesians 1:11 MSG).           For some reason the subject of identity is weighing heavily upon me these days.           Last Friday, I […]

September 10, 2017

This morning I think it was ol’ Bob Dylan who said, “The times, they are a-changin’!” Come gather ’round people Wherever you roam And admit that the waters Around you have grown And accept it that soon You’ll be drenched to the bone If your time to you Is worth savin’ Then you better start […]

September 8, 2017

Have you ever noticed that often it is not the big decisions in life that does us in? Instead, it is the small, day to day choices that tend to undermine our well-being?           The big decisions like who to marry, changing jobs, courses of medical treatment, moving to another location, etc., these choices we seem […]

September 7, 2017

For some strange reason, I woke up with an old hymn playing in my head this morning.           This hymn is an oldie-goldie written in 1944 by Ruth Caye Jones. The title is In Times Like These.          In times like these you need a savior,           In times like these, you need an anchor; Be […]

September 6, 2017

Today is a good day to ask if we’re satisfied living life merely saved or do we want more?           Being saved is awesome…yes indeed! It means that we have at least taken the first step towards a life with Christ.           But what if…what if there is more? What if today is a good […]

September 5, 2017

I suppose summer is for the most part over!             The calendar says we have a few weeks left but culture dictates the line drawn in the sand is Labor Day! So, for many it’s back to school and back to work!           It seems ol’ Qoheleth was right, “For everything there is a […]

September 1, 2017

Some time ago I came to a rather humorous conclusion about myself; I would never make it as a movie critic!           I used to follow the critics to select a movie that was worthy of my time. But, after a while I discovered that the critics hated movies and television shows that I dearly loved! […]

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