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November 24, 2010

Today is a good day to allow gratitude to slow time down.

Previously, I have mentioned that as children, my cousins and I used to love walking behind my granddad’s tractor in the early spring as he plowed with his sub-soiler. We were hoping his plow would bring some treasure to the surface and it often did. The treasures we were hoping for were arrowheads. The sub-soiler was a plow that reached far down into the earth to bring fresh dirt to the surface. It always amazed me how this same field that had been plowed for decades could always bring forth new treasure. We just had to dig a little more deeply.

Sometimes, I wonder how much treasure you and I miss by not plowing deeply enough, those precious moments and events that God sends our way. How many hours have I wasted with my head in the future instead of focusing upon the precious present? Gratitude is one thing that can keep our heads in the present, slow time down and allow for deeper plowing.

Last week, I was on my way to an appointment in Statesville and as usual I was running late. Traffic was jammed up in the Cornelius area going north so all my hurrying amounting to no time made up. I finally arrived at my meeting a wee bit frantic and somewhat windblown.

The trip home was different. I was not in a hurry. I was not thinking of issues that were required of me at a meeting. My mind was much more relaxed. I began to notice the beautiful colors of the leaves in the Troutman area off I-77. I saw the bright yellows, the deep reds and all the colors in-between. I felt incredible gratitude for God in creation. For a while, I was drifting in pure joy.

This was the same stretch of road that I had driven only a few hours earlier. But this time, I plowed more deeply. For me, time stood still. The real difference was that on the return trip, my attitude had changed from harried to appreciation.

It’s baffling really, just how much of life is lived superficially. Much of the time, we just scratch the surface like chickens looking for worms. What would happen if we decided to plow more deeply? Would this open the door to gratitude and allow us to savor moments that we previously may have wasted?

Working with people in recovery has taught me that each moment in life brings to us incredible wealth. We just need to mine a little deeper. We just need to focus more on the present. AND, resentment, bitterness and holding a grudge prevents us from seeing, tasting and delighting in the banquet God has created for us.




  1. Pat Wayne Pat Wayne
    November 24, 2010    

    Thanks Jimmy for another wonderful message…
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving and we all have so much to be thankful for…digging a little deeper I’m sure we all will find more treasures..
    In His Love
    Pat Wayne

    • Jimmy Jimmy
      November 25, 2010    

      Pat, I know the holidays will open flood gates of memories. I will continue to lift you in prayer. Lord bless you.

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