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November 30, 2017

Where do you feel called today?

          This morning I was thinking that folks sort of come in three categories. They seem to be either non-Christians, saved Christians or called Christians.

          There appears to be a chasm that separates the first two categories from the last. Called Christians are the movers and shakers who are changing the world.

          I honestly believe that God has deposited a call within every Christian. Some never take the bait and move on it. Others tie themselves in knots trying to figure out what their calling ought be. 

          What to do? What to do?

          We begin with the infallible words of Christ.   And, we begin right now!

          I am reminded of a story that I read several years ago regarding the great Karl Barth, the most influential theologian of the twentieth century.

            Barth was on a lecture tour in the United States throughout the year of 1962.  According a Barthian scholar, Martin Rumscheidt who claimed to be present at Union Theological Seminary that day, a student asked Barth if he could sum up his life’s work in one sentence.

          Evidently, Barth said, “Yes I can!   In the words of a song I learned at my mother’s knee: ‘Jesus loves me this I know. For the Bible tells me so!’”

          To me this is groundbreaking.  One who was in the upper echelon of academia, one who was considered to be too far removed from the world to grasp childlike innocence, found has anchor in an old, children’s nursery hymn.

          I think I can make the case that Barth’s simple reply encompasses the greatest statement ever made on earth.  To ponder the enormity of these words compels those who understand it to be wooed out of a complacent life into a calling that has world-changing value.

When we contrast the unfathomable love of Christ and his passion for this world with all the hurt around us, it is difficult to remain rusted in place and not feel compelled to do something about it!

You and I can begin living out our calling with the very next conversation that we choose to have.  We have the choice to bless or to harm.

In our everyday finances, we have the choice to hoard or pay it forward.

In our relationships that begin at home and spiral outward, we have the opportunity to harm or heal. With every situation, every opportunity, with every person with whom we come into contact, we have been given incredible power to live out Jesus’ narrative in the world.

Nobody has to begin the next Duke Endowment or the next World Vision ministry to live out a calling.   But, someone will!

The key is to live daily into the story of God who came to earth by way of a manger. As we make these choices one at the time…daily…methodically and heartfully, God empowers, graces and enables our next steps.

To live into a calling means to live victoriously. We do not have to take the world as it comes. We can be instruments of God-divined change.

Finally, we must come to the conclusion that living a life as one who is saved but who does not live out a call is a waste of what God intends for that life.

Let every heart…prepare him room

    And heaven and nature sings!



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