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October 26, 2017

Earlier this morning, I had some words from Christ to run though my head and something new came to mind.   Jesus said, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you (Matthew 6:13 KJV).”

Please note that this is part of the Sermon on the Mount!  My new thought is that we were actually designed for nothing less than seeking God’s kingdom.  Our heavenly Father put it in our DNA!

In other words, seek to have kingdom purpose in your life; and, you will get everything else tossed in too!  Everything else will line up right where it belongs in life. 

To state it simpler, do all you can to bring the will of heaven down to earth; and, there is no greater purpose for which to invest our lives.

I will readily admit that life is vexing! We are bombarded by perplexing issues, confounding life paradigms and plain old hurt and pain!

Even so, I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever regarding what to do with my life. You and I have a Father in heaven who has marked us for his purpose.

We have been born for a cause! It is a cause that is driven from heaven and it bridges history from the time of the Garden until this earth breathes its final breath.

Our lives were not brought about through some random twist of fate but rather a carefully orchestrated purpose that originated within the mind of God.

To prove it I decided to do a word study; and, it’s kind of fun to do one every now and again!  So, this morning I dusted off my old American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language; and, you will never guess what I discovered!

When we do a study of the word genesis we find that it originated from Germanic gen-e which means to birth or beget. To beget refers to something out of nothing.

To boil it down further, you and I were beget, created from nothing within the mind of God.  We began not on the day that we were born on earth but in the mind of God!

Again, life is vexing and perplexing but that does not take one whit away from the fact that you and I were predetermined in God’s mind! 

You might say that we were created for a cause that is out of this world! Yet, for many this is a completely foreign concept.

It is our job to live for kingdom purpose and to help turn on the light for others.  Unfortunately, our task has been made far more difficult by those who claim to be Christian but have no concept how to love.

We have no choice but to figure this out! As John Wesley said, “Though we may not all think alive, can we not all love alike?”

Today is a good day to help others recover the ability to love. Today is a good day to realized who designed us and for what purpose.  Today is also a good day to help someone else find purpose for their life!

Finally, no matter how badly this world is messed up, Jesus is still the only name that can fill the hopeless with hope and give purpose to the purposeless.  

Through Christ, suddenly life makes sense for everyone.  Never forget that you were created for something out of this world!



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