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May 11, 2017

Let’s just sit still for a moment and meditate on the presence of God.

            I thought about that sit still part after running across an argument on Facebook this morning about someone killing a snake. One soul chimed in that snakes are neighbors too. It was on!

            I am sort of indifferent about snakes. I found a snake skin under my house one time and that really unnerved me.   I would have much more preferred finding the whole snake rather its skin.  At least I would have known exactly where it was instead of wondering.

            But, that snake argument highlighted once again some pros and cons with regard to technology. I love my technology but it really is a double-edged sword.

            It can be used for good or ill.  And, just because somebody can say something on social media does not mean that they should say a thing.

            One downside of technology is that it has caused a paradigm shift in our culture because we rely upon it more nowadays than we do community. Back in the day communities came together to work out issues and as a result bonds were created and a depth of relationship was nurtured.

            Today we just order our solution off Amazon. Two days later the UPS guy come to the door, drops off our solution, rings the bell and leaves. We don’t even have to interact with the UPS or FedEx agent if we don’t want to do so.

            Another downside to technology in culture is that it seems to have made people angrier.  Before you know it a whole brawl is taking place over killing a snake.

            So, back to that sit still part. Culture seems to have evolved to a paradigm that is slow to listen, quick to speak and abounding in anger.

            And, I haven’t even mentioned God yet. One shift that I have witnessed taking place in culture is that almost nobody fears God anymore.

            To fear God means to have a reverential awe with regard to the Creator of the universe. Instead, nowadays God seems to be just one more tool in the box that we use to get what we want.

            Furthermore, we seem to be focused intensely upon what we do not have. More times than we can possibly count in any given day we are bombarded with what we need to buy or consume that will make us feel happier, sexier, more attractive, en vogue and at peace with who we are.

            But this kind of peace is illusive. It is illusive because we already have everything we need in God.

  Even so, the messages of dissatisfaction and disenchantment that we receive from culture can bleed over into our thinking about God. If we are not very careful we can become dissatisfied with God too or worse, forget about God altogether.

  Life lived this way can be especially devastating because the emptiness becomes palpable. I call this spiritual amnesia and ironically, we attempt to satiate our hunger for God consuming nothing but empty calories. (Those things that culture tells us will satisfy.)

            So, let’s just sit still for a moment and meditate on the presence of God.   God is to be loved and worshiped, first and foremost.

            God is the king of kings, the Alpha and Omega, the One who was, who is and who is to come. This is not news! We have all heard it before.

            Maybe today is just a good day to fall in love with God all over again.   Sometimes we just need a nudge, a gentle reminder.

            The apostle Paul leaves us with some haunting words:

            For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature–have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse (Romans 1:20 NIV).

            Oops! That without excuse part is rather cloying. Let’s not miss the forest for the trees!



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